If you view videotapes or DVD that are from outside the United States or send videos or DVD abroad, you must first convert the tape or DVD to or from the foreign television standard.

Three different color TV systems (NTSC, PAL & SECAM) are used in different parts of the world. Even if both of you are using VHS videotape or DVD systems, someone in a foreign country cannot view your videotapes or DVD on their VCR/DVD system unless it was recorded with their country's color TV system. Likewise, you cannot view a foreign VHS videotape or DVD unless it was recorded in the American NTSC format.

We can convert foreign VHS and DVD (in either the PAL or SECAM format) to American (NTSC format) or vice-versa. There's no need to send your tapes or DVD to New York or elsewhere for this service when it can be done locally at a more economical price. All transfers are done on high-quality VHS videotape or DVD.

Apollo Video's video conversion service has many applications in business, education and private.


Apollo Video now offers it's clients transfer to the DVD format from their master tapes. If you would like more information on this process or to see an example of a wedding transferred to DVD, please feel free to contact us at 704-814-8899 or email us at